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The UK has some of the finest and most technologically advanced windmills in the world.

Windmills were built to turn cereal grains into flour for our daily bread. They were also adapted for other uses, such as land drainage. 

A visit to a traditional working windmill is an encounter few people will forget. Some mills are preserved through conversion to houses or other uses. Each type comes with its own particular challenges.

Bonwick HC is the UK's leading consultancy service for windmill repair schemes, drawing on 20 years of experience. We work with highly skilled millwrighting contractors from the UK and the Netherlands.

Windmill conservation requires a unique blend of skills including those of architecture, building pathology, carpentry and joinery, metalworking, structural design and mechanical engineering. 

More details of our recent projects can be found on our Projects page and in our case studies below.

The majority of windmills in the UK are listed buildings. A significant number are listed Grade II* or Grade I.