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Kings Langley Barn & Granary

A pair of agricultural buildings preserved through conversion

This timber-framed barn stands on a shallow brick plinth and has a tiled roof. A small slate-roofed granary, supported on twelve brick staddles, stands alongside.

The barn and granary are located in the grounds of a Grade II listed farm house which is thought to date from the mid-16th century.

By the early 21st century the barn had become disused and the granary was derelict and on the verge of collapse. Both buildings were surveyed and drawn in detail.

The condition of the granary led to the decision to dismantle and rebuild it using any parts that were salvageable. Bonwick HC devised a labelling code for each timber which was transferred to the survey drawings to ensure each timber could be put back in the right place.

Restoration of the barn and granary was managed by Oxley Conservation Ltd. The buildings have been linked to form one dwelling and their ongoing domestic use has preserved the surviving historic fabric.