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Hyde Mill, Bedfordshire

Watermill conservation with a light touch

Hyde Mill is a brick-built watermill with an internal waterwheel, thought to date from 1835. It straddles the county boundary between Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. The mill and the adjoining miller's house are therefore in different counties.

Bonwick HC has been involved with a project to conserve the mill and adjoining buildings since 2007. We have supplied reports, drawings and technical advice.

Repair works have been carefully undertaken by the Cole family, preserving the mill in its last working condition. The interior has been left just as it was when the miller closed the door for the last time, more than half a century ago. 

The mill is packed full of mechanical devices. These include three pairs of millstones, three flour dressing machines, a sack hoist, grain elevators, three separators known as 'cockle cylinders' and a range of 'Eureka' grain cleaning machinery.

The mill's traditional atmosphere is probably unparallelled in southern England and fully justifies its Grade II* listing.

Bed and breakfast accommodation is available at Hyde Mill - see

Hyde Mill is complete watermill in a traditional farmyard setting, carefully preserved by the Cole family.