Heritage Consultancy

Historic Buildings

Preserving the essence of the British Isles


History has shaped the fabric of the places in which we live and work.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have thousands of historic buildings, monuments, structures and sites. These 'heritage assets' are part of our inheritance and, once lost, cannot be replaced. 

There can be no doubt that historic buildings tend to be well designed, robust and visually appealing. This is often due to the use of high quality construction materials - generally those that were available locally. 

Bonwick HC has been involved at the start of projects encompassing a wide range of building types. These include traditional farm structures, historic houses, church architecture, urban buildings and industrial archaeology.

We have produced desktop assessments, measured drawings and recording surveys of historic fabric in advance of conservation work.

View the case studies below and visit our Conservation and Surveying pages to see examples of our work on historic buildings.

We must hand down our historic buildings "instructive and venerable to those that come after us" - William Morris, founder of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB)