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protecting the fingerprints of history


Central to the care of historic buildings, sites and structures is the art of conservation - preserving and repairing the "old bits" wherever possible, rather than discarding them in favour of new materials.

From castles to cottages, our ancestors made huge efforts to preserve the structures and spaces they created so that we could enjoy them. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to take care of our old buildings so that they can have the same experiences.
Repairs done in the old way, using hand tools, inherited techniques and traditional materials such as lime mortar, are often the best approach to conservation of a historic asset.
Bonwick Heritage Consultancy has worked on many challenging conservation projects over 15 years. We have collaborated with some of the UK's leading conservation firms and specialists. We bring our unique range of skills and experience to your heritage project.
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"The golden rule of conservation is to do as little as possible and no more than is necessary" - SPAB Old House Handbook